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Urgent Message to America from Members of Congress

Did you know there are more than 100 Members of Congress diligently fighting to preserve your freedom to publicly pray and express faith in God? Watch this 3 minute video of your national leaders who have united to urge Americans to pray and Trust God Again.

 News Releases

Colorado State Prayer Caucus Has Launched!

CPCF continued a season of exciting activity with the Colorado Call to Prayer Day at the State Capitol in Denver. Along with U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman, Colorado Senator Scott Renfroe, Representative John Soper and members of the Colorado Senate and House of Representatives, hundreds of citizens attended this historic event which announced the formation of the Colorado Legislative Prayer Caucus and concluded with the signing of the Colorado Call to Prayer proclamation by all in attendance. We all experienced a profound sense of unity and purpose as we gathered to affirm our commitment to pray for our communities, our states, our nation, and our elected leaders.

Many other states are ready to move forward. Momentum is building in this nationwide movement to form legislative prayer caucuses and mobilize like-minded citizens to stand with us in prayer.

North Carolina Legislative Prayer Caucus Has Launched!

We hope you were able to join us for the historic event at the State Capitol hosted by the bi-partisan North Carolina Legislative Prayer Caucus! If you missed it, please watch Justice Paul Newby’s remarks here.

North Carolina legislators were joined by dozens of elected officials and hundreds of citizens to support the launch of the newly formed North Carolina Legislative Prayer Caucus. This mobilization effort will shape the future of North Carolina and the nation.

Virginia Commonwealth Prayer Caucus Launch

The Virginia Call To Prayer Day was a success! Thank you for your prayers. Gov. McDonnell, Lt Gov. Bolling, Atty. Gen Cuccinelli, Rep Mike McIntyre (NC), & members of the Virginia State Senate & House of Delegates, as well as hundreds of citizens attended. The event concluded with the signing of the Virginia Call to Prayer proclamation. Virginia was just the beginning. Many other state legislatures are ready to move forward. Momentum is building in this nationwide movement to form legislative prayer caucuses and mobilize like-minded elected leaders to stand united in prayer and action.

Interview with Congressman Randy Forbes (R-Virginia) and Congressman Mike McIntyre (D-NC): A Model for Civility

Hear how despite being on different sides of the political aisle, their common faith in Christ has led to real civility, and real unity in prayer. Learn more here.

K-Love Interviews Executive Director, Lea Carawan

Listen as K-Love radio host, George Rath, interviews Lea Carawan about the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. Listen now!