Prayer Back in Indiana Schools
May 11, 2017

Kudos to the Indiana legislators who successfully ensured that prayer is welcome in Indiana schools! With House Bill 1024 becoming

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A Big Week For Religious Freedom Nationwide
May 10, 2017

Last week was a big week for religious freedom nationwide!  Thanks to the great work of our elected leaders and

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Legislators and Pastors Unite in Prayer in Springfield
April 27, 2017

On April 5th, as the clock struck 12 noon, the Hall of Flags at the capitol in Springfield, Illinois, was

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Kentucky Guarantees Bible in Schools
April 21, 2017

Legislators take another step in the right direction. Thanks to the courageous efforts of the Kentucky lawmakers, Kentucky school children will

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A Ray of Hope in Washington State
April 11, 2017

Having been raised in Washington, I am particularly pleased to report that Washington legislators have now joined over 850 like-minded

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