Well Said, Mr. Attorney General!
July 20, 2017

“Under this administration, religious Americans will be treated neither as an afterthought nor as a problem to be managed…” stated

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Victory for School Prayer in Florida
July 8, 2017

Students in Florida have the right to pray, lead prayers, organize and participate in religious activities/organizations before, during, and after

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Good News First
July 6, 2017

I have some good news, and some bad news. Good news first. Thanks to Arkansas Legislative Prayer Caucus chairman, Senator

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Freedom: Worth Celebrating… Worth Defending
July 4, 2017

Today our nation once again celebrates its freedom. Imagine with me what this day was like just 241 years ago.

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Ohio Lawmakers and Pastors Stand Together
June 28, 2017

Congressional Prayer Caucus member, Congressman Jim Jordan, and Ohio Prayer Caucus State Director, Pastor Jason Williams, have a passion for

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