Landmark Case Reaches Supreme Court
December 4, 2017

On December 5th, the United States Supreme Court will hear one of the most significant religious freedom cases of our lifetime. NOW

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How Did This Happen?
November 16, 2017

Did you know that this week is National Bible Week? If all the false touting of ‘Separation of Church and

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Tennessee Legislators and Pastors Together in Prayer
October 19, 2017

Across the state of Tennessee, legislators and pastors are standing together to remind people of faith to pray for our

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More good news for religious freedom
October 12, 2017

Last week was a great week for Religious Freedom in America! ICYMI, the Department of Justice issued specific instructions to

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DOJ: Religious Freedom Must Be Protected!
October 6, 2017

Today, President Trump’s Department of Justice released its Religious Freedom Guidance. We applaud the clear and robust language used to ensure

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