Become a Praytriot Member

We want to invite you to make a commitment to protecting prayer and our religious liberties by joining a special group of loyal supporters called “Praytriots”.

“Who are Praytriots?”

Partners who faithfully support the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation with practical monthly gifts. We define Praytriot like this:

pray•tri•ot [prey-tree-uht] – a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion and petition to God.

As a Praytriot Member you will help support a unique and unprecedented network of like-minded lawmakers and citizens working together to proactively protect God’s enduring place in America’s public square.

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“How Will My Regular Gifts Help?”

Heritage Member: $10 a month can...

  • They will help re-educate citizens on the foundational truths that make America great. Also, they will allow us to bring awareness of the aggressive attacks against your religious liberty.

219 Fellowship: $29 a month can...

  • They will help us network and mobilize thousands of legislators, leaders, and citizens who are committed to praying for the nation.

Founders Circle: $100 a month can...

  • They will help restore God’s rightful place in our nation but helping us inform citizens about a nation-wide movement to display our national motto, “In God We Trust” in the public square.

Gideon’s Army: $5000 a year can...

  • They will go towards the launch of a State Prayer Caucus and help support lawmakers who are creating and promoting pro-faith legislation.

Legacy Partner: $25,000+ can...

  • Leave a legacy by supporting the Initiatives that will get America back on course and protect the freedoms we know and love for generations to come.

“How Will I Benefit?”

As a Praytriot Member you will receive:

  • An important IlllumiNATION e-newsletter with an insider look at the key issues facing citizens.

  • An exciting Membership packet.
  • Weekly Prayer Update highlighting the increasing attacks on your religious liberty and how you can pray.

  • Time-sensitive prayer alerts about important issues impacting your First Freedom.
  • A Members only letter from the Executive Director describing the impact your partnership is making in realigning America.

  • Regular giving statements.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you're leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Become a Praytriot Now!

“What are My Giving Options?”

You have two automatic giving options that will save you time and money — and help us better steward your dollars.

  • Credit card
    We’ll charge your credit card each month.
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
    We’ll automatically debit your bank account each month. We won’t pressure you to give. And you can change, temporarily suspend or cancel your membership at any time by contacting us.

  • Personal check
    We'll send you a reminder in the mail each month along with a pre-addressed envelope.