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Did you know that, in 1982, leaders in the Illinois General Assembly began the process of establishing a Prayer Room in our Capitol building?

Click here to read the amazing 15-year effort of legislative leaders who persevered and overcame opposition by one organization in particular to keep the prayer room from being installed.

Regrettably, when the West Wing of the Capitol was remodeled in 2013, the Prayer Room was removed and the area transformed into a Hearing Room.

Currently, the North Wing of our Capitol is being remodeled, and members of the Illinois Legislative Prayer Caucus (ILPC) are spearheading an effort to restore a Chapel within our Capitol Building.

As Chairman of the ILPC, Rep. Brad Halbrook will be filing HR495 in the Illinois House of Representatives during the upcoming Fall Veto Session to restore a Chapel. This is an important effort and no doubt will be met with strong opposition; and, we may face a battle over the issue. But as Romans 8:31 encourages us – “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

We know the fight to KEEP FAITH IN ILLINOIS is real. In this age when attempts to push God out of the public square are encountered at every turn, your name added to the list of those supporting this effort to reestablish a Chapel in our Illinois State Capitol is crucial.

We ask you to join us and become one of the many who actively chooses to KEEP FAITH IN ILLINOIS! Add your name in support of the initiative and share this information with your family, friends and networks!

Thank You.

  • Keep Faith In Illinois

    Our traditional institutions in Illinois are under assault both from within and without; however, the road we are on as a state is not inevitable! You can help counter the attacks in Illinois on faith and our religious liberties by joining the effort to reestablish a prayer room in our Capitol! Add your name today!

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Rep. Brad Halbrook

Illinois 102nd District

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Prayer was a vital part of the founding fathers’ lives as they sought the direction, protection & wisdom of God. Our great need of God’s help today is no different than our forefathers’ need when they created this nation. This is why it only makes sense to have a prayer chapel designated for our Illinois State Capitol."

Kfa Il Mary Miller Pic

Congresswoman Mary Miller

Illinois 15th District

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It is imperative to establish a place in the Illinois Capitol for the ministry of prayer. God has blessed Illinois, and now more than ever, we need to humble ourselves and pray for divine guidance to preserve the liberty and blessings Illinois has enjoyed for so long.

Kfa Il Dave Smith Pic

David Smith

Executive Director, Illinois Family Institute

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It is vitally important to set aside a space in the Illinois Capitol to accommodate prayer. We cannot overlook the importance of having God’s strength and guidance for both public affairs and personal matters. Prayer is a fundamental way we should approach each day, each session, and each vote. Now more than ever, we should acknowledge our need for Divine help, HUMBLY appealing to God for His mercy, blessings, protection, and provision.

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Delbra Pratt

Illinois State Director