Summer Ingram
V.P. of Legislative Affairs and Prayer Outreach

Since joining the team in 2009, Summer has helped build and support the American Prayer Caucus Network, identify and train State Directors, track federal and state religious liberty-related legislation, interact with religious freedom experts, connect with the national prayer networks, assist with development of key initiatives, coordinate events like CPCF’s National Religious Liberty Summit, Keep Faith in America and PrayUSA  events, and state capitol events. Also, she develops and advances core strategic action, legal and advocacy efforts, and other communication efforts.

Her university education, business experience, and executive ministry positions has made her a multifaceted leader. Key positions include being a top-producer in real estate, coordination of large-scale events for a ministry in San Diego, California, a co-producer and occasional co-host for an International Christian Television show. Summer enjoys being with family, reading, history, traveling, scuba diving, and adventure.

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