Kentucky Prayer Caucus Network

The Kentucky Legislative Prayer Caucus is part of an unprecedented, nationwide movement of praying legislators and citizens that is sweeping the nation to preserve America’s spiritual heritage and protect individual religious liberty. We are committed to:

  • PROTECTING free expression of faith in God
  • SUSTAINING leaders who are standing for faith, morality, and Judeo-Christian principles.
  • IGNITING an intellectual awakening about prayer, and God’s role in America
  • SUPPORTING the Kentucky Legislative Prayer Caucus
Kentucky Legislative Prayer Caucus

The Kentucky Legislative Prayer Caucus is an official Kentucky Caucus whose members are state legislators committed to advancing policies and initiatives that promote religious freedom, America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, and prayer.

KY_hoover                    KY_Moore
Representative Jeff Hoover              Representative Tim Moore                                                        Co-Chair                                                Co-Chair                                                        KY Legislative Prayer Caucus        KY Legislative Prayer Caucus


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