Would You Commit To Praying For Us?

The CPCF is advancing a number of successful national initiatives, as well as helping to build and support the The American Prayer Caucus Network (APCN). The APCN is uniting over 100 members of Congress with over a thousand state lawmakers, to promote prayer and defend the right of Americans to trust in God.

Over 40 Legislative Prayer Caucus have been formed, with several more in process. Legislative Prayer Caucuses are patterned after the Congressional Prayer Caucus, an official Caucus of the U.S. Congress with nearly 100 Members.

The bipartisan Congressional Prayer Caucus was formed in order to pursue common legislative objectives as well as allow for quick and unified riposte to proposed legislation opposing religious liberties. It was formed to acknowledge the important role that prayer and Judeo-Christian principles plays in American life and history as well as defend against the concerted effort to remove all vestige of God from the public square.

Would you commit to praying for us? Please contact Summer Ingram at Summer@CPCFoundation.com to learn more about becoming a CPCF Intercessor.