Our Vision

Protect religious freedom, preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and promote prayer.

Our Approach:

Utilizing an established set of effective programs, the CPCF is proactive and focused on the unifying theme of protecting religious freedoms. We endeavor to reach across all denominational, socioeconomic, political, racial and cultural dividing lines. We diligently implement strategies that are both top-down, deploying the highest levels of national leadership and bottom-up, mobilizing a broad base of motivated citizens.

Our Mission:

The CPCF will restore and promote America’s founding spirit and core principles related to faith and morality by equipping and mobilizing a national network of citizens, legislators, pastors, business owners and opinion leaders.

Our Strategy: 

  1. Unite and Activate Government Leaders: Provide forums for high-level leaders within federal, state and local governments, to connect, strategize and strongly advocate for Judeo-Christian values and religious liberty.
  1. Equip and Mobilize a Grassroots Community of Committed Advocates: Build a powerful network of committed citizens and government leaders nationwide to increase active prayer, multiply advocacy efforts to protect against attacks on religious freedom, and ensure enduring legislative solutions are in place to preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. 
  1. Provide Broad-based Education and Awareness to the Public: Utilize a variety of key venues and existing national infrastructure to impact public opinion through thought leadership, promoting relevant content to increase awareness of attacks on religious freedom; advancing a clear and winsome appeal for prayer, faith and morality in the public square; and implementing programs that equip individuals to practice and advocate for these core principles.