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All the values you care about are at risk. The battle for faith and religious freedom rages across America and efforts to reframe Christian morality and faith as “hate speech” are alarming. We have a window of opportunity NOW to change America’s future.

That’s why America needs united, equipped and mobilized leaders already in positions of authority to take America in the right direction – the kind of leadership you make possible with your membership in the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation.

CPCF has built and supports the largest network of government leaders committed to prayer and faith ever mobilized  With a growing network of over 100 congressional members and over 1,000 state legislators in Legislative Prayer Caucuses in over 40 states, CPCF truly has the firepower and leadership needed to effect change.

CPCF is activating people of faith in every corner of the country – Over 3 million “In God We Trust” plaques and decals have been distributed nationwide through the In God We Trust. Put It Up! Campaign. More than 1,000 government leaders and 150,000 citizens have signed proclamations calling the nation to unceasing prayer through our PrayUSA initiative, and we’ve inspired more than 7,700 “219” Prayer Groups praying for our nation and our leaders.

CPCF is providing strategic solutions to hundreds of elected officials nationwide –  Serving as a critical support system, we provide a pro-active strategy and tactical initiatives including relevant resources designed to equip lawmakers with a biblical worldview, strategic gatherings of select high-level leaders, frequent collaboration opportunities, and robust prayer covering.

CPCF collaborates with hundreds of faith-based organizations and key leaders – With the unique ability to convene Americans from every ethnicity, denomination and political party, CPCF utilizes State Directors and networks of citizens for robust prayer and action.

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