URGENT! Answer the Call to Stand in the Gap for our Elected Officials!

The Count-Down to the end of the 85th Texas Legislative Session is on! May 31, 2017 marks the last day of Regular Session and unless the Governor calls a Special Session, they will not convene again until 2019. With many key religious liberty bills stalled in the House, we need divine intervention and spiritual breakthrough in legislation and in the hearts of our lawmakers.

Join us in extending a Prayer Shield over our Texas Legislature by committing to pray for our lawmakers daily until the session is over.

Will you be a Watchman on the Wall with us?

Objective: To mobilize Texans to unite in fighting the battle for religious liberty and good government in the spiritual realm through prayer, asking God to move your representatives to seek wisdom, exercise discernment, to have the courage to do what is right regardless of the political pressure to conform, protection for the lawmakers, their families, and staff members, for transformed hearts to honor God rather than man.

Time Frame: Beginning today until the completion of this 85th Legislative Session at the end of May, unless Governor Abbott calls a special session.

How to get started:

  • Complete the Sign Up by clicking below. You can find the names and district numbers for your representatives by clicking on “Who Represents Me?”
  • We will send you bookmark templates with a photo and contact information for your representatives, similar to the samples found here.
  • This bookmark can be reproduced for interested friends as a reminder to faithfully pray.

The Game Plan:

  1. Pray daily for your lawmakers. God will give you wisdom on how to pray specifically for needs only the Holy Spirit can reveal.
  2. Send notes of encouragement. Consider including 3×5 cards with Scripture promises or the verses you are praying over them.
  3. Check our Texas Prayer Caucus Facebook encouragement and updates.
  4. Invite your praying friends across Texas to join us by passing this challenge on to them.
    The time is short. Those placed in authority over us need supernatural wisdom, courage, protection, spiritual transformation, and commitment to do what is right as God declares it.… so we PRAY, petitioning the Sovereign of the Universe, our Great God and King, who is worthy of our confidence and who delights to answer the prayers of His children. (I John 5:13-15)

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