Weekly Prayer Update
Cross in the Crosshairs
March 10, 2019

The Supreme Court has finished hearing the oral arguments in the Bladensburg Peace Cross case and now we wait and pray for an outcome that will rule in favor the preservation of the 93-year-old memorial.

The first impression from our legal team and those defending the cross memorial, is that we have reason to hope based on the first impression of the questions and behavior of the justices. Read more details here.

A favorable ruling would save the War Memorial, and all similar memorials. It would mean that the crosses that mark the graves of our fallen heroes are safe, for now.

Another issue at stake is the current “Lemon Test;” a form of judicial review that is used to determine when a law has the effect of establishing religion. This Test has been used as a sledgehammer against the Freedom of Religion over the past few decades. Many are hoping this case will finally force this Lemon Test to be abandoned in future cases.

A decision in favor of destruction of the Peace Cross would be an expensive ruling that would put all similar Memorials, crosses, or anything that resembles a religious reference on public land in the cross hairs.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that confirms otherwise, it would also advance the false narrative that our founders intended for religion to be banned from the public square. The cost of destroying the Peace Cross is estimated to be around $100,000, and that is drop in the bucket compared to the cost of replacing all other memorials and crosses.

The Court is due to issue a ruling in June. Until then we encourage prayer for a favorable outcome. Our Constitution encourages the Freedom of Religion and forbids hostility towards it.

We are staying positive about the future of our great nation because we believe we are still a country of diverse and tolerant people who understands these truths.