Weekly Prayer Update
FFRF Wants Cross Removed From Georgia Fire Station
July 20, 2017

Read this and other attacks on faith from Weekly Prayer Update 7/3-7/10

From FFRF site: “A concerned local resident contacted FFRF to report that a large cross is on display at Catoosa County Fire Station 3 right off of U.S. Highway 41. The cross is clearly visible from the highway. Additionally, according to the complainant, the cross includes a Christian message about being saved.”  Read more.

National Prayer Points

Update on Congressman Scalise 

Congressman Scalise is back in the ICU due to an infection. The surgery to manage the infection went well. Please continue to pray for a complete and quick recovery. 

Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America 

For anyone who thinks religious discrimination is non-existent in America, the attorneys at First Liberty Institute have a different story. First Liberty announced the release of Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America (2016). It is available online here, free of charge.  

International Prayer Points

Azerbaijan: Fined For Home Religious Meetings, Picnic

“Sumgait Appeal Court has rejected appeals by more than 20 Muslims from the north-eastern Quba District fined more than three months’ average wages for a religious meeting in a home in March which was raided by police. In two separate cases at Sheki Appeal Court, a Sunni Muslim and a Baptist Pastor have failed to overturn similar fines imposed to punish them for holding religious meetings with others. The Baptist Pastor is preparing to challenge his punishment in Azerbaijan’s Constitutional Court.”

Sudan: ‘Disaster’ For Religious Liberty

“The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission has urged the U.S. State Department not to ignore religious freedom and persecution issues before possibly lifting sanctions on the government of Sudan.”

UK: Doctors Override Parents Freedom Of Conscience

“With the misplaced approval of the British High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, and the European Court of Human Rights, Charlie’s doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital can legally remove his life support whenever they wish.” 

State Prayer Points

Religious Liberty Legislation

Continue praying consistently and fervently for the successful passage of legislation that effectively protects our Judeo-Christian heritage and religious liberty. Also, pray that bills and resolutions that undermine our First Amendment Rights will be unsuccessful.

CA: Attorney General Banning Travel To States That Uphold Freedom Of Conscience

“Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced that California will not fund work travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky or South Dakota. Other states, including Tennessee and North Carolina, were already on the banned list. These states have all passed laws in recent years to uphold religious liberty, including the freedom of people who believe marriage is the union of a man and a woman.”

IN: Indiana School Board Ceases Prayer

From FFRF site: “After receiving a warning from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an Indiana school board has ended its dubious practice of opening meetings with prayer.”

IN: ACLU and FFRF Files Appeals Brief In Nativity Case

On June 29, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the ACLU, and the ACLU of Indiana filed their brief to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Background: “The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the ACLU are heading back to court to stop an Indiana high school from having a mannequin-laden, still-life Nativity scene pop up during the holiday concert.”

NM: Bloomfield Appeals Ten Commandment Cases To Supreme Court

“ADF has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case of City of Bloomfield v. Felix, involving whether the city may allow private individuals to fund and construct certain historical monuments, like the Ten Commandments, on public land.”

OK: Attorney General Defends Religious Rights Of University

“The attorney general for the state of Oklahoma is standing up to defend religious rights after East Central University was told last week to take down crosses, Bibles and other religious symbols at their campus chapel, according to a report in US News & World Report. “

TX: Victory! Growing Church Overcomes Unlawful Zoning Ordinance

“After a three-year legal battle, a growing church has overcome an unlawful zoning ordinance that sought to keep it from using its own property to minister to the community. This victory continues a string of wins by First Liberty Institute having a common theme: a house of worship—including churches and synagogues—running into unlawful restrictions by a local government.”

WI: Win! UW–Eau Claire Ends Discrimination Against Faith-Based Community Service

“The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has agreed to drop its unconstitutional policies that deny credit to students who fulfill its mandatory community service requirement by volunteering in faith-based activities. As part of a settlement ending a lawsuitthat Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed on behalf of two students, the university has agreed to lift its restriction that allowed only non-religious volunteer activity to qualify for “service-learning” credit.”

WI: Atheists Upset Safety Classes Held In Church
“…The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a terse note to the state’s Fish and Game Dept. the other day — upset over a hunting safety class that was held at the Heritage Free Will Baptist Church.” 

National Prayer Opportunities

Prayer for the Congressional Prayer Caucus, Their Families, and Staff

Congressional Prayer: Each week Congress is in session, members of Congressional Prayer Caucus meet before votes to pray in Room 219 of the U.S. Capitol. Learn more.

There are nearly 100 Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, a bipartisan and bicameral caucus, that is spearheading a strategic movement of national, state and local leaders and citizens who are working together to promote prayer, protect religious freedom and restore, upgrade and popularize America’s founding spirit and the principles related to faith and morality that shaped this Great Republic. Please commit to praying daily for them, their families, and staff.

Pray for our President and all Those in Authority 

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” 1 Tim. 2, Psalm 91 

Include: Judicial Branch, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Military, Faith Leaders, First Responders, Etc.

PrayUSA – Government Leaders Calling The Nation to Prayer

In 2015, government leaders spearheaded an effort to call America back to God and prayer. Be part of the Movement — If you are a government leader, church or organization, you can add your name to the list of leaders who are committed to this Call to Prayer for America. Churches and Organizations can contact CPCF to be added to the list. Government Leaders will be automatically added when you sign the Proclamation (document or online). Sign the Proclamation or host a PrayUSA Sunday

Join the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation Prayer Team! 

Sign up here to join the CPCF Prayer Team! Upon joining you will receive insider prayer requests about once a month, and invitations to weekly prayer calls. 

Prayer for Others on the Religious Liberty Front

There are many organizations on the front lines that need our prayers. 
Alliance Defending FreedomACLJBecket LawLiberty CounselFirst LibertyFamily Research CouncilThe Heritage FoundationChaplain Alliance For Religious Liberty and any others that come to mind.

Prayer for Anti-faith Groups

Freedom From Religion Foundation
Secular Coalition for America
Military Religious Freedom Foundation