Freedom of Religious Expression in Public Schools Overview

Law and Policy Contacts/Additional Resources
  1. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF):
    • Primary Contact – Alan Sears, Esq., President, CEO
  2. Liberty Counsel:
    • Primary Contact – Mathew Staver, Esq., President, CEO
  3. Pacific Justice Institute:
    • Primary Contact – Brad Dacus, Esq., President
  4. WallBuilders:
    • Primary Contact – David Barton
    • See Attachment titled, A Constitutional Amendment Protecting School Prayer and Other Religious Speech (2001) by David Barton/WallBuilders
  5. Americans for Religious Liberty:
    • Primary Contact – Edd Doerr, President
  6. See: regarding case law on religion and prayer in public schools.
  7. See: regarding case law on graduation prayers.
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