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Trump Administration Takes Historic Steps to Protect Freedom of Religion 
January 16, 2020

Today, in honor of Religious Freedom Day, President Trump went way beyond putting out a routine Presidential Proclamation and instead

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You Won’t Hear About This on the News
November 24, 2019

This week our government leaders stood on the U.S. House floor and reminded Americans of the critical importance of the

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This is an easy win!
November 3, 2019

Because of YOU, the fight for faith in America is advancing! As of today, more than 3 MILLION “In God We Trust” decals and

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TODAY: Historic Advancement of Religious Freedom at the UN
September 23, 2019

Today, in an historic and first-time ever event, President Trump put religious freedom on center stage as he addressed a

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Celebrating Constitution Day
September 17, 2019

On September 17, we celebrate America’s constitution, one of our revolutionary founding documents that has advanced freedom and established one

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