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Trump Administration Takes Historic Steps to Protect Freedom of Religion 
January 16, 2020

Today, in honor of Religious Freedom Day, President Trump went way beyond putting out a routine Presidential Proclamation and instead made a historic announcement from the oval office! Watch the video of the Presidential announcement.

The administration didn’t stop there. In addition, the Administration is implementing new directives, and is making long overdue updates to the rules that guide how agencies protect religious freedom.

Nine federal agencies coordinated to propose rules that remove barriers for students, teachers, businesses, and faith-based organizations to live out their faith in the public square. They have effectively removed the red tape and burdens that had been previously erected and leveled the playing field for every citizen of faith.

Two of the most notable protections include the assurance that students, teachers and coaches can pray and hold Bible Studies at school during breaks and lunchtime without retribution; and faith-based organizations cannot be discriminated against when applying for federal grants. Read more details here.

Across the country, Governors signed Proclamations and states passed Resolutions reaffirming the importance of our religious freedoms.

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