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May 19, 2022

            Is faith still important in American life?  At CPCF, we certainly believe so.  In fact, we believe there is no greater challenge our nation currently faces than the fight to keep faith in America.  Opponents of faith are continually launching concerted, well-funded efforts to diminish both the value of faith and its role in public society.  We are taking a determined stand against these efforts – reminding Americans that faith is an essential ingredient in preserving American liberty we can ill-afford to lose.  We call this initiative, “Keep Faith in America.”   

            We travel across the country – most recently to Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Alabama – meeting with governors, lieutenant governors, attorneys general, senators, representatives, community leaders, business owners, and citizens.  Lawmakers often discuss the numerous state-specific political challenges they face, leaders share unique challenges specific to their communities, and business owners and citizens testify to the life-changing impact that faith has had in their own life and ministry.  The CPCF is committed to helping these groups exponentially multiply their success by building effective strategies and connecting with each other through impactful networking.  Wherever we go, eyes light up and people lean forward as an excitement builds and a hope sparks – that there is a legitimate fight happening to keep faith in America and that they can take part in it.  You can too!  Find out how you can help us Keep Faith in America!