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November 23, 2022

Civility, faith, freedom, unity, and gratitude have marked the Thanksgiving holiday for more than 400 years. With the deluge of anxiety-producing stories in the news, it can be easy to miss the countless ways God has moved on our behalf this year.  For example…

I am grateful that several recent Supreme Court wins provide us with an incredible opportunity to reverse damage done to our Constitutional Republic, Judeo-Christian Heritage, and First Amendment Rights through state legislatures, which just a few months ago would have been impossible due to bad judicial precedents.

I am grateful that nearly 1,000 lawmakers in more than 40 states have formed legislative prayer caucuses to protect religious freedom, preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and promote prayer.

I am grateful that parents across the country are taking a bold stand to ensure that their faith-centered family values are never again blocked from our public schools.

I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organizations to launch a nationwide effort to ensure that public schools treat the Bible for what it is – the most popular and influential book in history.

I am grateful that hundreds of state and federal legislators worked together to protect your free exercise of religion – 45 pro-religious freedom measures in 17 states and U.S. Congress passed this year.

I am grateful that nearly 1,000 first responder agencies across the country are now actively displaying “In God We Trust” on their vehicles.

I am grateful that hundreds of thousands of men and women like you and me have committed to praying daily for our nation and its leaders through the PrayUSA initiative.

I am grateful for the CPCF legal team proactively providing legal and moral support to legislators and citizens who are standing against rampant attacks on faith and freedom.

I am honored and grateful to stand beside you in the fight for faith in America. The blessings around us are innumerable. This is our history and tradition—a belief in God actively lived out in our individual lives. The door has opened to a new era of religious liberty, it is up to us to now run boldly through it. May God bless our efforts for “such a time as this.”

For Faith and Freedom,

J. Randy Forbes
(Member of Congress 2001-2016)
President and Founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation