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Celebrating Constitution Day
September 17, 2019

On September 17, we celebrate America’s constitution, one of our revolutionary founding documents that has advanced freedom and established one of the greatest nations in the world.

Socialism, secularism, and similar political ideologies are at war with the ideas that created our form of government. History testifies of the devastating effects these ideologies have on a nation that embraces them.

The “isms” (socialism, secularism, communism, etc.) essentially remove God from the equation. The end goal of these ideologies is to appeal to human compassion with the promise of equality and provision for all; when in reality all power is being given to the state to determine human rights, define morality, and to regulate and distribute resources as they see fit.

Our Constitution makes religious freedom a priority, the Declaration of Independence references our dependence on God, and the numerous writings and actions displayed by the originators of these documents confirm that God and government are intertwined into the very fabric of this Republic.

The American form of government acknowledges God as the Ultimate Authority and the Author of rights so the state can’t take them away. The Constitution limits government and gives power to the people; a revolutionary concept then and now.

You have a right to pray or not pray – to have faith or no faith at all. It is only a Judeo-Christian foundation that maintains a public square where these unalienable rights are protected. All people have a seat at the table because there is a universal understanding that truth will win out.

If we ignore these fundamental concepts or become convinced they are no longer relevant, the foundations of our nation will begin to crumble. The separation of God from American government leaves mankind as the final arbiter of right and wrong, a dangerous outcome that would deliver a death blow to our free Republic.

Today as we celebrate Constitution Day, let’s take time to appreciate the freedoms afforded us and recommit to ensuring the fundamental principles that are unique to our Republic endure for generations to come.