APCN Teleconference 10.4.17

CPCF President Congressman Randy Forbes and I introduced the LIFFT America Plan (Leaders Inspiring Faith and Freedom to America) that will begin rolling out in January, 2018. This is a nationwide movement to protect faith and freedom, restore civility, and reclaim the narrative. Please watch for information in the coming weeks.

In addition, the Project Blitz update described the successful passage of at least 36 pieces of religious freedom legislation in 17 states, an 800% increase from 2016. Thanks to many of the legislators in the APCN network, we will continue the advancement of religious freedom measures into the 2018 session.

Steve Fitschen, President of National Legal Foundation and CPCF Senior Legal Advisor, along with Jim Davids, CPCF Chief Legal Counsel, were on the call to provide helpful insights about resources provided by CPCF including the NEWLY REVISED AND EXPANDED Analysis and Report on Religious Liberty Measures Impacting Faith and Prayer.