Texas Prayer Caucus Network

The Texas Prayer Caucus Network is part of an unprecedented, nationwide movement of praying legislators and citizens that is sweeping the nation to preserve America’s spiritual heritage and protect individual religious liberty. We are committed to:

  • PROTECTING free expression of faith in God
  • SUSTAINING leaders who are standing for faith, morality, and Judeo-Christian principles.
  • IGNITING an intellectual awakening about prayer, and God’s role in America
  • SUPPORTING the Texas Legislative Prayer Caucus
Texas Legislative Prayer Caucus

The Texas Legislative Prayer Caucus is an official Texas Caucus whose members are state legislators committed to advancing policies and initiatives that promote religious freedom, America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, and prayer.

TX_Sanford                        TX_Krause
Representative Scott Sanford            Representative Matt Krause                                                   Chairman                                            Vice Chairman                                                 TX Legislative Prayer Caucus           TX Legislative Prayer Caucus

Texas Prayer Shield

As the battles intensity in the halls of government, we are inviting churches, prayer groups, and individuals to strategically engage by “Adopting a Lawmaker” and extending a shield of protection over their “charge” – praying for a designated lawmaker every day until this session expires.

Will you be Watchmen on the Wall with us?

You can join as a church or prayer group and we’ll assign the lawmaker, or you can join as an individual and commit to praying for your state representatives. Either way, we’ll send you a bookmark that includes your legislators photo and contact information as a reminder to faithfully pray.


Resources for Praying For Those In Authority

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