The fight for faith is raging every day and we need influential, passionate leaders like you to succeed in sculpting a God-honoring culture in our communities and our nation, as well as restoring the faith-centered core values and principles that our Founders wove into the very spirit of our country. Thank you for taking a stand.

What are Faith Impact Groups?
Faith Impact Groups are local groups of community and government leaders connected by a national network who gather on a regular basis; members strengthen each other personally and spiritually as they work together to fight the fight for faith and impact the culture, both in their community and throughout the nation.

Who should be in a Faith Impact Group and why join?
Members of Faith Impact Groups include government leaders, business leaders, faith leaders, influencers, and community activists who meet together on a regular basis to affect positive, faith-based change in their community. With access to a nationwide network of leaders, strategic planning, coordinated initiatives, resources, and legal counsel, Faith Impact Groups can implement specific and culture shaping change.

What does it cost?
There is no membership fee.

What is the time commitment?
Faith Impact Groups meet weekly or biweekly. You must attend at least 60% of the Faith Impact Groups meetings. Any further time commitments would vary based on your choice of Impact Opportunity.

How does it differ from a Bible Study or a civic organization?
Faith Impact Groups are unique from anything you may be involved with. With the direction of our country moving further away from the Biblical principles of our founding, we must continue the fight for faith in our communities; but, to be successful, our response must be coordinated, strategic, and unified. Faith Impact Groups are the mechanism for articulating and implementing the strategies developed by some of our nation’s greatest strategists, getting equipped with specific training and resource materials, while also strengthening each other personally and spiritually.

How do I join an existing Faith Impact Group?
Members must apply or be invited to join a Faith Impact Group.

Is there a virtual option?
Virtual Faith Impact Groups are available for those who wish to simply join a group and still need one in their area.

What other benefits come from being a Faith Impact member?
Members have special access to private teleconference calls, summits, and training opportunities. Faith Impact Groups are also a part of the National Strategic Center, which utilizes a large network of leaders and strategists to help build and sustain a Culture of Strategy among the Faith community.

  • Providing the teaching, training, and usage of the best Strategic Principles for leaders on multiple levels and across multiple domains
  • Fostering strategic dialogues across all spheres of culture.
  • Collecting the strategic ideas and refining them into Strategies that can be distributed through a network which empowers groups and individuals to take action.
  • Giving voice to the values behind the strategies.
  • Creating a true flow of strategic ideas between the grassroots and our nation’s best strategists.