Do you have an idea or are you part of a group that is discussing how to create a strategy around a certain issue or challenge?

Ideas for making a positive impact on Faith in America are studied, refined and made workable by a team of strategists at the National Strategic Center.

Submit ideas to the NSC Strategy team by using this downloadable Strategic Input Form.

You will be contacted by a member of the National Strategic Center.

Do you have an opportunity to witness conversations, presentations or public behavior that is hostile to faith?

Take a video on your phone and send it to the National Strategic Center. The information you provide contributes to the development and refinement of strategic opportunities that are implemented across the nation.

Use this link to upload the video and send to the NSC Strategy team.

You will be contacted by a member of the National Strategic Center.

Are you frustrated with the anti-faith efforts that you are witnessing in your state, community, school or organization?

The Faith Impact Guide provides a menu of the Toolkits available outlining the opportunities you have to make an impact in your community. Each Toolkit provides step-by-step instructions for taking simple but strategic action.

Receive a Faith Impact Guide or specific Toolkit to find out how you can take individual action that will have an impact.

Have you taken action in your sphere of influence and have successes to report?

If you have taken a stand for faith in your sphere, or witnessed others taking action, help us share the inspiring stories and possibly replicate your efforts across the country.

Click here to provide information so we can help maximize your impact nationwide.