CPCF In The News
Tele-Town Hall reaches across America to 13,000 pastors!
July 19, 2016

Lea Carawan, Executive Director of the CPCFoundation, co-hosted a strategic Tele-Town Hall with Governor Mike Huckabee that reached over 13,000 pastors nationwide. Joining her in this special networking event were television producer, Mark Burnett, head of The Call organization, Lou Engle, President of Turning Point Ministries International, Doug Stringer, and President of the National Center for Law and Policy, Dean Broyles.

Lea described for participants the groundswell of activity and rapidly growing response surrounding the In God We Trust 60th Anniversary Blitz leading up to July 30th. Numerous celebrities, hundreds of government leaders and churches, fire and law enforcement first responders, and over 60 faith-based organizations are all saying, “Yes” to our national motto, In God We Trust. Together with thousands of passionately committed citizens, over 1.3 million In God We Trust windows decals have now been distributed and are being displayed everywhere.

In troubling times, our nation has consistently looked towards this one simple truth for hope.  In God We Trust is not just a random statement; these four words represent the heart and spirit of America at its core.

With the exciting remake of the epic movie, Ben Hur, being released this August, co-producer, Mark Burnett, encouraged pastors to participate in a special Theater Takeover night in August.  Lou Engle and Doug Stringer also reminded pastors of two other important events taking place this weekend – TOGETHER 2016 (a global effort that is drawing people to Christ) on the Mall in Washington, D.C., and The Response (a gathering of prayer and fasting) at  Cleveland State University’s Olstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Listen here.