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ICYMI – ‘In God We Trust’ in Richmond, NC
September 21, 2017

The words “In God We Trust” are now hanging in the main entrance of the Richmond County Judicial Center in North Carolina.

This is one of thousands of displays on government buildings and in schools in over 30 states, along with nearly 3 million decals on cars, homes, offices and law enforcement vehicles.

“I’m glad that Richmond County wants people to know that our government honors God,” said Commissioner Thad Ussery, “It’s on our money, it ought to be on our buildings.”

Kudos to Rick Lanier, then a county commissioner for Davidson County, who asked his board to display “In God We Trust” on the county building “with a desire to promote patriotism.” The board approved and Lanier formed the United States Motto Action Committee (USMAC) to ensure the display stayed there. Read more. 

ACLU challenged the display. The Supreme Court upheld the motto. Again.

Lanier is not stopping, he and the USMAC will be going to more counties and more Boards, and he expects them to join Richmond in their effort to remember that it is “In God We Trust.”

Join the In God We Trust. Put It Up! movement. Get your display or decal here.