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A Big Week For Religious Freedom Nationwide
May 10, 2017

Last week was a big week for religious freedom nationwide!  Thanks to the great work of our elected leaders and committed citizens who are praying and working tirelessly to protect our religious freedom, we have seen several victories!

Not only has the President signed an Executive Order protecting religious freedom, and stated that under his administration he will “not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced again and we will never stand for religious discrimination,” a number of state leaders have passed legislation to vigorously protect religious freedom.

  • In Alabama faith-based adoption agencies and other child placement services can select parents on the basis of the organizations’ religious beliefs (HB24) and health care providers remain free to choose how they live out their faith (HB95). We applaud the efforts of Alabama Prayer Caucus members, Rep. Wingo and Rep. Mooney, who sponsored these bills, along with a majority of courageous lawmakers in the Alabama legislature who voted for them, and Governor Ivey who signed them into law.
  • In North Dakota students have the right to pray at parochial or private school athletic activities (HB1275) thanks to the tireless efforts of North Dakota Prayer Caucus member, Rep. Koppelman, along with many of his colleagues and Governor Doug Burgum.
  • Thanks to your immediate and passionate response to our request, Arizona Representative Mark Finchem received hundreds of emails and phone calls from people across 27 states. Rep. Finchem came under fire in the media for offering a Christian invocation at a legislative meeting, however he is unwavering in his stand for faith.

This week we celebrate many victories for religious freedom. Your support – every prayer, phone call, email and post makes a difference!