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A Ray of Hope in Washington State
April 11, 2017

Having been raised in Washington, I am particularly pleased to report that Washington legislators have now joined over 850 like-minded federal and state government leaders in the American Prayer Caucus Network!

We are proud to support the Washington elected officials who have formed the Washington Legislative Prayer Caucus and are advancing prayer and faith in the Evergreen state.

Strong support for the Prayer Caucus has already been demonstrated by pastors and prayer networks who have been praying together with legislators for years.

Washington has been the center of a number of egregious violations of religious freedom in recent years. Pharmacy owners, a football coach and business owners are just a few who have been fined or fired for simply living according to their deeply held Christian beliefs.

These government leaders need our prayers and encouragement as they work diligently to advocate for the First Amendment Rights of Washingtonians.

Is your state involved? To learn more about the American Prayer Caucus Network, click here.