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All Crosses removed from all Federal Property, even all War Memorials and graves?
December 21, 2009

You may be thinking that something this extreme could never happen…especially in the United States of America – One Nation Under God. Well think again. In the case of Salazar vs. Buono, commonly called “The Mojave Desert Cross” case, a federal district court ruled that the 5 feet by 8 feet cross in the Mojave Desert be removed. The cross is currently covered and stored in a plywood box.

The challenges we are facing are greatly due to misinterpretation of The Constitution. This has resulted in an opposite result of what it was originally intended to do, preserve our religious freedom. The judge found that the primary effect of the cross was to advance religion, of which in his opinion is “violating The Establishment Clause.”As a result of this ruling, there is a threat that all crosses on Federal property, even in the American Cemetery above Normandy in France (on American territory) will have to be removed permanently.

This case represents not only the unpardonable act of removing crosses from the graves of our fallen soldiers, but it is symbolic of the attempt to silence people of faith.

This a worthy of our attention. Please take time to find out more information: