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As Texas’ Textbooks Go, so do the Country’s
March 10, 2010

Psalm 11:3

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Lord, we are Your people, hear our cry! Turn the hearts and minds of those in positions of power and influence to ensure that accurate historical records are portrayed in every aspect of society, specifically in textbooks.


Battle rages over accurate US history and social studies in new textbooks.

Why should US citizens in other states care about what is included in Texas’ school textbooks?

US and Texas flagsAccording to publishing industry reports, Texas is the single largest purchaser of textbooks not just in America, but also in the world. Therefore, those who write the textbooks try to match them with Texas’ curriculum.(Photo by: Cheryl Empey)

Some of the major concerns regarding the content of new textbooks include dropping any mention of “Christmas” in chapters about holidays, or not including articles about the Liberty Bell, Paul Revere or Thomas Edison.

At one point, mentions of Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and Independence Day were dropped, but added back later after much debate.

One textbook publishing employee, who has worked in the industry for quite some time, told FOX News that it’s the case of the “squeaky wheel getting the grease,” and those groups who speak the loudest will have their changes made.

According to the report, the final decision on Texas’ textbooks is scheduled for May.

I submit that this situation warrants much prayer. These textbooks will help to mould a whole generation of children and young people, what they read and learn about should not be based on political bias either on the left or the right. History is history—we can learn from that which is bad and champion what is good, but we should not try to rewrite what is the true history of this or any other nation.