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Athiest Calls for Angels and Stars from Government Trees
December 29, 2009

The complaints of ONE man nearly succeeded in removing symbols associated with Christianity from  Government property.

ONE woman is responsible for removing prayer from schools.

ONE man nearly exterminated the Jewish population…

Do you think that your ONE voice/vote/opinion can’t make a difference…please reconsider. Silence is consent.

“An order to remove angels and stars from Christmas trees in all government buildings in one California county has been rescinded following the uproar that ensued over the decision.

Acting County Administrator Chris Thomas in Sonoma County informed the heads of all 26 county departments to disregard his previous order, which was made in response to the complaint of a disabled atheist veteran.

Last week,a 65-year-old man, who claims to have been an atheist all his life and regularly files complaints about religious symbols in public places, complained to Sonoma County officials after seeing an angel on top of a six-foot Christmas tree in the lobby of the county recorder’s office and later a star ornament in the office of the county Board of Supervisors.

This man,  said he plans to meet with lawyers next month to consider legal action to prevent future use of the decorations. He also plans to ask Sonoma officials to remove a steel cross erected as a memorial to an accident victim, according to”

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