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Barriers Removed Preventing Chaplain from Visting Patients
January 15, 2010
ADF, hospital work together to remove barriers preventing chaplain from visiting patients

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. — Hospital officials at Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center have agreed to allow the chaplain of two veterans’ organizations access to patients.  Previously, hospital officials denied Martin Colburn, a Christian Colburn, a retired veteran who serves as a chaplain for the American Legion and Disabled American Veterans organizations and had been volunteering his time for over four years, was informed by the hospital’s chief of voluntary services that he would no longer have access to the hospital due to the “religious content” of his activities.  Colburn provided brief prayers and Bible reading only to patients who had either given him permission or had requested his services in advance.

The hospital once again permitted Colburn to visit the hospital.  However, officials later rescinded his access, citing a “Visiting Clergy” policy which only allows clergy to visit members of their local congregation and only after scheduling visits with the Chaplain Service office.  The hospital also suggested that Colburn’s religious credentials would need to be evaluated to determine whether he was “qualified.”

After receiving a second letter from ADF, along with correspondence from Wis. Congressman and doctor Steve Kagen, the hospital agreed to allow Colburn to resume visiting patients with whom he already had relationships or who specifically requested his visitation.