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Connecticut Leaders and Pastors United in Prayer
May 17, 2017

In the halls of the stunning Connecticut state capitol, a growing number of Connecticut lawmakers and pastors are standing unified in prayer!
The “standing room only” attendance at the recent Legislative Prayer Breakfast hosted by the Connecticut Prayer Caucus and Connecticut Capitol Prayer Network signifies a deepening commitment to unified action, and an increased boldness in faith.

Archbishop LeRoy Bailey gave an uplifting message of encouragement while government leaders shared their personal stories of faith. Pastors and elected officials prayed together for their state and their nation.

Thankfully these leaders understand very well that ‘Separation of Church and State’ does NOT mean separation of God and government.

Would you commit to praying for the growing Connecticut Prayer Caucus, including, Senator Michael McLachlan, Senator Joan Hartley, Representative Bruce Morris, and Representative Vincent Candelora?