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Did You Miss the TeleBriefing? Audio Provided
May 12, 2016

Every day brings new opportunities to make a difference in the fight for our First Amendment rights, and this Wednesday was no exception. We held our third Congressional Telebriefing where key government and ministry leaders were invited to hear from members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, discuss the magnitude of the issues before us, and pray together as like-minded people of faith.

Joining me were CPCF Honorary Chairman, Lt. Colonel Allen West, Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC), and Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL). Each speaker shared words of inspiration, strong advocacy for our Judeo-Christian heritage, and a passionate call to action.

It’s important that we take the time to celebrate our “wins.” I was able to share an update about all the positive progress we are making in this critical battle for freedom, and I am especially excited that we are celebrating the 60-year anniversary of our National Motto, In God We Trust. With over 850,000 In God We Trust window decals now distributed through the Foundation and partner organizations, we are setting our sights even higher and believing God to reach a goal of three million. For the next 90 days, we will help coordinate a national effort to get the word out and will be joined by leading faith-based organizations, government leaders, and thousands of citizens across the country. Together, we can affirm America’s rich heritage of faith in God, and declare where we still put our trust!

In his opening statements, Col. West admonished participants to, “pray for our leaders, [for them] to be steadfast, loyal, and of good courage, so they continue to protect our religious freedom.” As a decorated Army veteran, West clearly understands we are in a spiritual battle for the minds and hearts of our nation. We must “galvanize in prayer” and draw from our Founding documents. He said we are, “soldiers in God’s army,” to fight against, “those who want to take away the rights that come from our Creator.” Finally, he challenged us that, “the name Christian comes with responsibility” and we must participate in the process. “If not now, when? If not us, who?”

Congressman Randy Hultgren expressed his enthusiasm over the LIFFT America Summit held in Williamsburg earlier this year. Please continue to tell the story. Our government leaders are showing strength in unity and are fully committed to be a voice in the halls of power. There are prayer meetings and Bible studies taking place several times each week within government buildings and among legislators. They are standing in the gap on our behalf. With what Hultgren described as “unprecedented attacks” against Christianity, his call was to those who would, “be faithful for such a time as this.” We should be encouraged by the dedicated service of so many.

Congressman Robert Pittenger also acknowledged that the issues America is facing are “becoming graver” with each passing day, especially those pertaining to an increasing lack of balance regarding the separation of powers within the three branches of the federal government. Cultural and societal upheaval is, “deteriorating and dissolving much of what our Founding Fathers laid out.” According to Pittenger, the things we are witnessing in Washington as the nation’s capital are simply, “a reflection upon the rest of the country.” Our challenge is to, “live out the Great Commission and for the church to be fully engaged in the proclamation of the gospel… to bring Christ in a meaningful way and take the message of God’s truth to every person.” From his perspective, Congress is a, “platform for ministers of reconciliation.”

As I listened to the comments, as well as the question and answer time with participants, I found myself strengthened and encouraged, knowing we have godly men and women who are humbly serving in government and yet, bold enough to stand up and push back against the anti-faith movement. May we take up the banner with them… do our part no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Every prayer offered in faith… every letter mailed… every check written in support, allows us to not only defend freedom, but to take back ground that has been lost.