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ENDA – The End of Employer’s Rights
January 7, 2010

The Employment Nondiscrimination Act is a federal bill that, if passed, will prevent many parachurch groups and people of faith who own for-profit, secular businesses from making hiring and firing decisions based on their religious convictions or moral beliefs.

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We are living in a time where people of faith must rely on the Spirit of God to strengthen and direct us. Divine wisdom and unceasing prayer are required. It is a fine line that believers must walk; loving all, but not allowing anything that contradicts the Word of God to be established in our nation. The Bible clearly defines the consequences for doing so.

This Act warrants our attention. Not only is our religious freedom being challenged, our rights as individuals/employers are under attack. Shouldn’t any tax-paying business owner living in this “free” country of “free” enterprise have a say in who they hire/fire? What’s next?