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Enough Bullying!
August 29, 2017

Anti-faith organizations have been getting away with bullying innocent citizens into abandoning their religious freedom for too long. The Freedom From Religion Foundation frequently threatens lawsuits through intimidating letters demanding that leaders forfeit their religious freedom and remove God and prayer from our public square.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, representing nearly 100 members of congress and over 750 legislators nationwide is fighting back with widespread support for these leaders. By reaching out to these victims, providing legal and constitutional backing, and mobilizing citizens on their behalf, the CPCF is effectively combating the intimidation tactics of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and other anti-faith groups.

Armed with the knowledge that they have the backing of their elected leaders, and that the Constitution and the law is on their side, many are standing strong for faith.

The FFRF sent a letter of support to Henderson County Mayor, Dan Hughes, after a local resident had complained about a Bible verse etched on the wall of a Lexington, Tennessee courthouse, which reads, “Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: Mercy and truth shall go before thy face. Psalms 89:14.” Instead of removing the verse, Mayor Hughes is standing for America’s rich heritage in accordance with his rights and the wishes of the residents of his county.

Would you take 3 minutes and email or call Mayor Hughes at (731) 968-0123 to encourage him, and to let him know you are standing with him. Read our letter of support for Mayor Hughes here.