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Historic Action for Faith and Freedom
May 4, 2018

Faith and freedom took another surge forward in America yesterday!

As millions across the country joined in praying for unity and God’s favor on the National Day of Prayer, President Trump signed an Executive Order “to ensure that the faith-based and community organizations that form the bedrock of our society have strong advocates in the White House and throughout the Federal Government.”

The creation of the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative follows similar action by previous administrations, with a major upgrade. This Order requires every department of the federal government – not just those with faith offices – to work with faith-based partnerships and designate a liaison to the Initiative if one isn’t already in place. This marks a significant expansion of the critical program already in place.

This Initiative makes significant advancements in the reinforcement and protection of faith-based organizations and programs nationwide, and commits to reducing the burdens on the exercise of free religion.

This is an historic and far-reaching action, and a major victory for faith and freedom in America!

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“America is a nation of believers, and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer.”
President Donald Trump