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How Did This Happen?
November 16, 2017

Did you know that this week is National Bible Week? If all the false touting of ‘Separation of Church and State’ were true, how does a government-sanctioned National Bible Week fit into that narrative? It doesn’t!

Congressman Lamborn and members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus are joining past Presidents and government leaders, who have made a point to commemorate the longstanding tradition of honoring God and the Bible’s critical place in our nation’s history.

The Bible’s influence on American law and culture is widespread, with quotes, stories and historical figures from the Bible engraved on monuments and state capitols throughout the nation. The Bible was approved as a primary reader in public schools for nearly two centuries. It is the book chosen by Presidents and elected officials when taking the oath of office and there are countless ways the values and principles from this great Book are woven into the American way of life.

Watch the 7 minute Special Order on the House Floor last night or click here for all videos, and pray for these leaders who are standing strong for faith in Washington D.C. and across our nation.