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I Wish You Could Have Been There
January 12, 2017

It began with country great, Ricky Skaggs’ opening song in the Tennessee Legislature, followed by a stirring Call to Prayer event with Lt. Governor Randy NcNally, Speaker Beth Harwell, Prayer Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Pody, Co-chair Terri Lynn Weaver and 45 state legislators.

The Old Senate Chamber was filled to capacity as Tennesseans gathered to celebrate the launch of the Tennessee Legislative Prayer Caucus. State Director Marlene Tidwell coordinated the event that included a solemn signing of the Call to Prayer Proclamation, a moving charge by Rep. John DeBerry, and a powerful rendition of our National Anthem by Rep. Weaver punctuated by the stirring words in the 4th verse, “Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation! Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: “In God is our Trust.”

We are truly blessed as a nation to have government leaders like these in every state legislature and congress. Remember them in your prayers!