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Legislators Unite in Minnesota
May 20, 2017

Are you surprised to hear that elected leaders are taking a strong stand for faith and prayer in our state capitols?

Minnesota legislators are the most recent to join the growing network of over 850 federal and state legislators in 31 states and congress who have formed Legislative Prayer Caucuses.

An alliance of legislators joined Minnesota Legislative Prayer Caucus Co-chairs, Sen. Dan Hall, Rep. Abigail Whelan, Rep. Matt Grossell, Rep. Peggy Scott, and committed to bi-partisan prayer as the first step toward a united stand for faith.

Minnesota State Director, Rev. Dale Witherington, will be building and supporting a statewide network to actively engage citizens to rally around the efforts of the Legislative Prayer Caucus members.

These leaders are energized and eager to fight for our Judeo-Christian heritage and your Constitutional religious freedom.

We are proud to support the Minnesota elected officials who have formed the Minnesota Legislative Prayer Caucus. These government leaders need our prayers and encouragement now more than ever!