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Man Arrested for Sharing The Gospel
January 26, 2010

Following is a story of a man that was arrested and charged with “defiant tresspassing” for sharing the gospel on a school campus. Read more below:

EDISON, N.J. — A court has issued an order dismissing criminal charges against a New Jersey man whom police arrested after he shared the Gospel on a sidewalk outside a public high school after the end of the school day. At the request of the principal of Edison High School, Robert Parker was taken into custody after his toe touched the grass on the school’s side of the sidewalk. He was charged with trespass and disorderly conduct.

In May 2009, Parker began sharing the Gospel from a public sidewalk outside Edison High School after students were dismissed for the day, at which time the principal told him to leave. Parker explained that the First Amendment protected his free speech and free exercise of religion rights, but the principal took no heed and called police.The police instructed students not to go near Parker, and the principal insisted that he be arrested. While speaking with officers, Parker’s toe brushed against the grass along the school side of the sidewalk. The officers arrested him and issued him a summons for “defiant trespassing.” The events leading to the arrest were recorded on video.

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