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More good news for religious freedom
October 12, 2017

Last week was a great week for Religious Freedom in America!

ICYMI, the Department of Justice issued specific instructions to the government to protect your God-given rights to live out your faith through the Religious Freedom Guidance

Additionally, President Trump’s Departments of Health and Human Services, Treasury and Labor announced two companion rules that protect Americans who have a religious objection to paying for abortions. You prayed, you stood, for YEARS, and now here’s the answer! 

To emphasize its commitment, HHS issued a Guidance document explaining how HHS intends to enforce these requirements and expects the states operating exchanges to do the same.

This is very good news for religious institutions like Little Sisters of the Poor, who have risked everything to fight against HHS regulations that violate their deeply-held beliefs. These directives have tremendous weight as it relates to their case that has gone all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

It wasn’t that long ago that people of faith were facing tremendous consequences for their beliefs, and now, we are protected! What seemed impossible a year ago, is now accomplished. This is truly a reason to celebrate and THANK our leaders for their bold stand.

This Administration is hearing from opponents of religious freedom, we need to overwhelm the offices with our appreciation for this incredible win for religious freedom. Please take 1 minute right now to send a message to President Trump to thank him for delivering on his promise to protect our religious freedom.

Join us in praying for our leaders as they stand on the frontlines!