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National Congressional Telebriefing Hits the Mark! Audio Provided
February 11, 2016


Yesterday government leaders, ministry leaders, and key individuals joined members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus on an important Natl. Congressional TeleBriefing. Congressman Randy Forbes, Congressman Mike Conaway, Congressman Steve Pearce, and Dr. Ted Rose, Chairman of the U.S. National Prayer Council, discussed tactical plans to confront and address the anti-faith groups attempting to censor religious expression and undermine God’s enduring place in our nation.

People of faith often wonder if their voices will be drowned out in the background distractions and “noise” of government and legislative affairs. It’s easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed at what can feel like a daunting mountain to climb. Be encouraged –hundreds of national and state leaders are taking a stand together.

Each of the TeleBriefing hosts offered great encouragement, strong admonishment, and a call to action. Congressman Forbes, speaking about the planting of the first cross at Cape Henry in 1607, acknowledged that even though, “We are watching our values eroding in the country…little things can make a huge difference.” Going further, he said, “The anti-faith elements are attempting to put out a false narrative,” but “people of faith need to come together and strategize on how to unite.”

Congressman Pearce reminded listeners that, “Washington will not be the cure…we need to elect leaders who want our country to change…to speak publically about our rights…,” and “This call to prayer is a call to action…we are standing with you!

Congressman Conaway was equally passionate about his concern for the lack of moral authority in American today. He asked participants to consider two vital questions: “What is it [you’re] asking God to bless?” and “What is [your] personal responsibility to reclaim the moral high ground?

Finally, Rev. Rose reminded everyone that we are “servants first” and that, “God was calling America back to her knees.” From his perspective as a national pastor to pastors, he believes the United States is either, “on the verge of the greatest awakening the country has ever seen or on the verge of God’s judgment…the battle is between light and darkness…how will the church respond?