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National Congressional Briefing – Audio Provided
November 13, 2015


The CPCF hosted a phenomenal Congressional TeleBriefing conference call with co-chairs of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, Congressman J. Randy Forbes and Senator James Lankford, as well as Congressmen John Fleming and Congressman Rob Wittman.

We were joined by hundreds of legislators, pastors, ministry leaders and like-minded citizens to discuss the concerted effort to silence prayer, and push people of faith to the fringes of society.

These leaders are not just giving lip service, they are genuinely concerned; and they are doing something about it. Listen for yourself. They’re remarks were sincere, and their strategy clear, as they called for urgent action against the well-funded and organized anti-faith movement.

Whether you are new to this effort, forging ahead with great passion, or weary from the fight, this call is worth your time.

Thank you to the Congressmen for taking their time to brief us on the strategies for standing strong together, and for every person who made time for this important call. The positive response has been overwhelming. We are planning for the next TeleBriefing after the first of the year.

Congressman Forbes closed with an inspiring story about the USS Yorktown. The point being that if we keep our faith strong and make every effort to work together, even against great odds we can see this nation be a “City on a Hill” once again.