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President Trump Signs Executive Order on Campus Free Speech
March 27, 2019

Recently, President Trump gathered with Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, and a group of college students at the White House to sign an official Executive Order to protect free speech on college campuses. Watch the full video here.

In light of the growing hostility on campuses against people of faith, this is a welcomed admonition. Among other things, the Executive Order directs 12 federal agencies to add free speech to the list of requirements that colleges have to meet before receiving federal grant money. Read the full Executive Order here.

Several students shared their personal stories that emphasize the need for this Order. One of the students, Polly, shared her touching story while fighting back tears. In memory of her late mother, Polly was simply handing out a Valentine card with a faith-based message to let people know they are loved and cared for when she was told by schools officials to stop. Learn more about her story.

At a time when these freedoms are under fire, we applaud President Trump for keeping the First Amendment Rights of college students, and all Americans, a priority.