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Second Annual LIFFT America Summit a HUGE Success!
March 4, 2016

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Our time is now and our place is here!

Government leaders who believe in our religious freedoms, believe in this country’s celebrated Judeo-Christian heritage, believe in the Constitution, and believe in our First Amendment rights, are united and taking a stand in a show of incredible force and clarity. The American Prayer Caucus Network (APCN) is leading the way.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation (CPCF) convened its 2nd Annual LIFFT America Religious Liberty Summit this past weekend. National and state government leaders representing 21 states joined Congressional Prayer Caucus chair, Congressman J. Randy Forbes, CPCF Honorary Chairman, Lt. Col. Allen West, celebrated historian David Barton, as well as policy experts and military strategists for this unique gathering.

This strategic LIFFT America Summit—Leaders Inspiring Faith and Freedom To America—advanced the ongoing work of over 100 members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus from the U.S. House and Senate and 550 members in 20 state Legislative Prayer Caucuses, in order to unite and mobilize leaders and thousands of engaged citizens who are becoming an increasingly powerful voice.

We experienced a renewed determination in the fight for our first freedom, the freedom of conscience, and were reminded that our inspired founding documents—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights—are key to our hope for tomorrow. There was widespread agreement that we must always remember the immutable principles given by God, and that these principles must guide the next generation of leaders.

Together, the participants outlined how anti-faith elements in the United States are systematically attempting to eliminate religious liberties to all but the most narrow of interpretations, and how people of faith need to effectively push back.

The resounding conclusion throughout the Summit was that we—people of faith—must unify our collective resources, think and act with greater purpose and resolve, and go on the offensive, taking the fight to those who oppose and undermine our First Amendment rights. Beginning with prayer and moving into united action.

This point was repeatedly driven home throughout the discussions, with emphasis on the fact that we are in a national battle, a conflict over our core values, our beliefs, and our heritage. Our movement must embrace the same kind of effort needed in any war—to devise and implement strategic, operational, and tactical approaches, and do so with overwhelming tenacity, so that success will be ensured at every level.

During the closing plenary, Lt. Col. Allen West spoke of how our actions can and will make a difference. The Lord is our strength and shield (Ps. 28:7).

Participants walked away from this year’s Summit, greatly encouraged and renewed in spirit. Thank you for your ongoing and faithful prayers and support. As the country continues to face an erosion of it religious freedoms, founding principles, and sacred values, the CPCF and its growing network, is making a difference at local, state, and national levels. We cannot do this alone, but must act together.

We must support our government leaders through prayer and action. It can be as simple as joining them by proudly displaying our National Motto, In God We Trust, on your car window or signing the Call to Prayer for America Proclamation.

I am reminded of God’s words to Joshua, another warrior facing battle: “Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord [our] God is with [us] wherever [we] go” (Jos. 1:9).