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Silent No More!
January 16, 2016

KY (1)

The Kentucky State Capitol came alive this week, and the atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as over 50 legislators—along with members of the Executive Cabinet and the House and Senate leadership—gathered to start the 2016 session in a bold declaration of God’s enduring place throughout the commonwealth.

These government leaders reaffirmed their commitment to prayer and to be a strong voice for faith and religious freedom at a time when America faces a significant crossroad.

Led by members of the Kentucky Legislative Prayer Caucus and with the full support of Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton, attendees were enthusiastic as they participated in a special signing of the Call To Prayer Proclamation.

Despite ongoing and rising threats from anti-faith groups to remove God from our Great Republic, we can no longer remain silent, but must endeavor to vigorously defend and advocate for the founding principles that undergird this great country. If we won’t stand up, who will?

It’s not too late. Together, you and I can make a difference in turning the tide and every voice matters. Are you interested? Are you concerned about our moral decline? Is religious liberty important to you? Do you believe that God’s grace can still turn the heart and soul of America? Then join hundreds of government leaders and nearly 140,000 fellow citizens and sign the Call to Prayer Proclamation today! Simply go to