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South Carolina Launches Prayer Caucus!
January 22, 2016

Over 30 state leaders, including Lt. Governor McMaster, Attorney General Wilson, Secretary Hammond, several other constitutional officers as well as citizens, filled the second floor lobby of the State House to officially launch the bipartisan South Carolina Legislative Prayer Caucus. Altogether, over 70 members of the House and Senate are uniting to protect religious freedom and committing to unceasing prayer for their state and nation.

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“It is not only our right, but it is our duty to stand for religious freedom,” stated Attorney General Alan Wilson. He went on to reject the false narrative that “Separation of Church and State” means separation of God and government; instead, he affirmed God’s enduring place in the public square.

With Chairman Senator Grooms and Vice-chairs Representative Hicks and Representative Rivers taking the lead, South Carolina is the 19th state to join the growing American Prayer Caucus Network with over 600 members nationwide.

Legislators and citizens alike signed the Call To Prayer Proclamation, committing to unceasing prayer for our country and her leaders. You can join these courageous leaders and sign the Prayer Proclamation at