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The Lord’s Prayer – Student to Join Lawsuit Against District
April 13, 2010

MILTON — The Liberty Counsel has named a Milton High School senior as a plaintiff in a possible lawsuit against the Santa Rosa County School district.

Chaz Riley, who regularly led the Lord’s Prayer at Milton’s football games, will join about 30 other people in the lawsuit against the district for allegedly violating the First Amendment rights of students and staff, according to Liberty Counsel Attorney Horatio Mihet.

Riley, who spoke to a Florida Freedom reporter with Mihet present, said he had several reasons for joining the lawsuit.

“I decided to step forth and help the students – not just this year’s students, but students like my brother and cousin who still have time to come,” Riley said. “It (the consent decree) isn’t right.”

Riley also has personal reasons for joining the pending litigation. Twice, he said, his First Amendment rights have been violated.

Riley says the first violation occurred last June after the School Board decided to edit out the phrase, “God Bless,” from a letter he wrote as student body president for the front of the school’s agenda planner given to all students at the beginning of the school year.

The second violation, he said, is the district’s decision to not let him or any other student body presidents speak at graduation.

“Students have a right to speak and they disrupted my right,” Riley said.