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The Truth About The Fairness Doctrine
January 6, 2010

This may be the most dangerous attack on free speech in our lifetime.

Today, we no longer face simply the threat of the ”Fairness” Doctrine – this is ”Fairness Doctrine PLUS.”

Reach for your radio, turn on our program … it’s not there.  That’s the scenario – literally possible – if supporters of the anti-free speech ”Fairness” Doctrine have their way.

Here’s the disturbing situation:  When they first started pushing reinstatement of this government censorship of Christian and conservative programming, you and thousands of others raised an uproar.  But all the opposition did was change its name, from ”Fairness” to ”localism” and ”diversity”.

And now, they’re trying another tactic:  regulations that would require broadcast of local ”public affairs” programs … with a mandate to air a ”diversity” of viewpoints.  Can’t afford to produce such programs?  Don’t want to air opposing viewpoints?  Then you’re OFF THE AIR.

We have learned that this issue is anticipated to be acted upon by the FCC early this year. There is no time to waste.

In fact, the FCC chairman has already brought on an adviser (his salary paid by your tax dollars)  … a man who has written openly about ”localism” as an expensive, unwieldy strategy that can drive free broadcasting out of existence –

Would Christian programs be in the crosshairs of the proposed regulations?  Absolutely.  Including  ACLJ, Focus On The Family, The 700 Club, TBN –virtually all religious programs.

  • If you aired a pro-Israel program, would a pro-Palestinian program be required?  Yes.
  • If you broadcast the Gospel, would an anti-Gospel program also be mandated?  That’s what it looks like.
  • If you air a program on America’s religious heritage, must the opposite viewpoint also be aired?  Exactly.
  • Air a show supporting students who want to pray at graduation?  You’ll need an anti-prayer show too!
  • Discuss protecting unborn children on your program, then be prepared to give the pro-abortion lobby equal time.


Knowledge is power…what are you going to do with it??