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Victory for School Prayer in Florida
July 8, 2017

Students in Florida have the right to pray, lead prayers, organize and participate in religious activities/organizations before, during, and after school, without fear of discrimination or punishment. Thanks to Governor Scott and Florida legislators, including Florida Legislative Prayer Caucus Chairman, Senator Dennis Baxley who sponsored the successful Bill (SB436) that reaffirmed these rights.

The Florida Student and Personnel Religious Liberties Act (SB436) also ensures that school faculty have the right to participate in student initiated religious activities.

“Part of what we’re protecting is those basic rights for religious expression, which are protected speech,” Baxley said. “And we’re letting people know it doesn’t stop at the property line of the school site. We owe our educators some clarity on this so it can be applied uniformly across the state in a way that respects all faiths.”

Your prayers and support for the like-minded leaders in our legislatures is making a difference! Continue to pray for the courageous members of the Florida Legislative Prayer Caucus, who are on the frontlines standing for faith.

More notable wins for religious freedom…

In a victory for freedom of conscience, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that magistrates are allowed to request exemption from performing services that violate their conscience. Congratulations to Liberty Counsel for the win. Learn more.

In Missouri, thanks to the successful passage of Senate Bill 43, employers are now protected from unlawful government discrimination and punishment for simply living according to their deeply held beliefs.

These are just a few of the exciting advancements in recent weeks. I look forward to sharing more soon.